How to Make a Documentary Trailer

A film trailer is one of the best tools for marketing. After you have made a documentary film, you need to tell people about your film. The best way to do so is by creating a short trailer that will show the film at a glance. Here are some tips to make a good trailer for your documentary.

Highlight story

Documentary films are less appealing than normal films as there is less action and dramatization. Its strength is the storyline. So, you must focus on that in the trailer. After looking at the trailer, the audience must want to see the rest of the film to know the full story. So, you should highlight the major attractions of your storyline in the film.

Keep the audience hanging

You shouldn’t spill out the whole story in the trailer, then the audiences won’t bother to watch the full film later on. Keep them hanging so that they find interest to see it.

Cut the logos and credits

You need not show the logos and credits on the trailer. You can cut those and keep those to be shown in the actual film. Your trailer must be short and snappy. So, remove anything extra.

Call for action

At the end of the trailer, you must ask the viewer to take some action, like subscribe or buy the movie. This is your opportunity to get as many people to watch your film as possible.

You should learn from the experts. You must know talented filmmakers who have recently made trailers for their films. So, you can take their advice and see their work for inspiration. This will help you to create an amazing trailer for your documentary film.