4 Documentary Films That You Must See

Whether you are a documentary film producer, director, or member of the cast and crew, you must watch some of these documentary films to learn more about them. Watching other documentary films is a good way to learn from others. It is always easier to have a starting point and guidance than starting blind.

Every Little Step

This documentary talks about the difficult journey of a Broadway actor. It focuses on aspiring Broadway actors. You will see the ups and downs of the Broadway actors and dancers.

There are interviews with the struggling actors who find it difficult to get past the audition and the creators of the musicals as well. You will get a broader picture of Broadway by watching this documentary.

Looking For Richard

This documentary film was directed by Al Pacino, and it was his first such film. It is about the relevance of Shakespeare in American culture. There are interviews with scholars and general passersby as well.

Casting By

Here you will learn more about the casting profession. The film focuses on Marion Dougherty whose casting choices had a great effect on Hollywood movies. Here you will find interviews of some iconic actors.

The Standbys

In this film, you will learn about the hard-working performers at the theatre who aren’t much appreciated or given attention to. However, some of them luckily get a big break. Here the director follows the journey of three actors.

These documentary films were very popular and liked by many people. You can get a lot of inspiration and learn about documentary filmmaking after watching these films.