Tips for Casting Your Documentary

The documentary filmmakers need to make several casting decisions. These include deciding who to cast, what they will do, and why. Even though the people in the documentary won’t be ‘acting’ like the normal films, but you will still need to take their auditions. So, the casting process is not easy. Here are some tips for casting your documentary.

The best documentary films wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the brilliant casting. If it’s an archival documentary like the civil rights movement of America, then you need to interview those who took part in that movement.

If the incident took place years back and you can’t get those people, then you can find various records about them like diaries or letters. You must then look for actors who will read their words with their voices.

Sometimes, a cast is needed to exemplify themes that the filmmaker wants to explore. For example, if you want to make a film about how an academic program can help children living in poverty, then you need to cast children from the lower-income group for your film. You need to find a family who is struggling to give proper education to their children.

When you pick scholars to talk about a topic relating to your film, you should do thorough research. Don’t just include the bit of the interview that is relatable to your story. Choose a scholar who fits the storyline.

If your story is about any controversial issue, then don’t just present the opposing sides. If two opposing sides talk past one another then the audiences won’t understand anything. It will misrepresent the issue.

If, for example, the majority of people give one view and only a few give the opposite view, and you allocate equal time for both sides then it will give the wrong message to the audiences.

To learn more about casting, you must watch more documentary films. That way you will understand the roles the featured characters play in the film. You must spend a lot of time casting. Otherwise, wrong casting may ruin your film. With good casting and storyline, your documentary film will be loved by many people.