4 Tips for Making a Documentary Film

Some people are interested in making documentary films. Though these are not as massive as the normal films that we watch in theatres, you can start judging your filmmaking skills by creating short documentary films first. Here are some tips for it.

Do research

Before starting to make a documentary, you must do thorough research on your film. It will create the short-term and long-term foundation of your film. With research, you can discover the plot points, craft your storyline, develop your narrative and give your film a shape.


Unlike normal films, documentary films don’t have any script. But you need to have a good outline Everything about the film must be in the outline. This outline will create a scene breakdown that will help you to make the film. So, create an outline of the story.

Write the story

You should choose a story that is interesting, not only on the surface but deeper down too. Make sure your story has depth. For example, you see your neighbor making wooden sculptures as a hobby and you think that’s interesting.

Instead, if you could tell that he does this to overcome his PTSD after the war, then the story will have more depth. So, a deeper storyline is the way to a successful documentary film.


You must invest in good sound. This is often overlooked by filmmakers; however, it adds extra depth to your story. Sound can make your viewers get immersed in the story. Sound can make your story look better.

It is a good idea to make the film short, especially if you are a beginner. For this, you need a more structured story and a good outline.